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ImageHandler.addImage( { id:77188, caption:'Three Oaks is bicyclist friendly with a network of superb trails. Three Oaks is bicyclist friendly with a network of superb trails. Bicycles and bologna, parades and Prancer. For years these have been tourism staples of Three Oaks, Mich. (pop. 1,801). They remain major draws, with an enticing network of bicycle trails through the rolling Berrien County countryside, along with Drier's Meat Market dating back to the Civil War. Three Oaks still boasts the nation's largest Flag Day parade and is remembered annually by screenings of "Prancer." Released in 1989 and shot largely on location in Three Oaks, this tale of a young girl who nurses a sick reindeer back to health has become a holiday movie classic. In recent years, Three Oaks has added interesting boutiques, alfresco dining and two innovative theaters that, respectively, present live performances and screen indie films. Despite these expanded visitor attractions - and its reputation as ...
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